Kelly Moss

Kelly Moss Photographer KMP Thank you for stopping by our site!

I am a photographer based in Midland, Ontario – the greatest small town in the world.

Most of my work is focused in and around the Midland area, although I also have clients in the GTA, and as far north as Huntsville. I am happy to travel and meet you at the location of your choice – particularly if that travel involves a boat ride.

Do I have a specialty? Yes, I specialize in amazing, original people who have a story to tell. I just happen to tell that story in photographs. First birthdays, newborn babies (love them!), family portraits of all shapes and sizes, 3 year olds (they are their own kind aren’t they?), first weddings and second weddings too (who’s counting?).

Bring me your stories, and I will turn those moments of your life into photographic investments. Investments that will increase in value with time. Those moments that you will share with your loved ones now and in the future, when you can look back and say “remember that day…”

I cant wait to meet you!


Kevin Cascagnette

KMP Kelly Moss Photography Kevin Cascagnette PhotographerHi! I am the studio manager and associate photographer at Kelly Moss Photography – and a proud Midland kid too!

I started at KMP while still in high school and made the decision to stay and learn on the job. I now have over 3 years of experience under Kelly’s guidance and am growing into my own style. I

love to spend time with my friends and family and enjoy meeting new people through my job. Whatever I can do to help make your photo memories come true, just let me know!

-Kevin (Also known as K2)